(Note: This doll is not for sale or available by commission - it is part of my private collection)

A former 18" Tonner Miss America transformed into
wearing the Coronation Gown
Doll has been enhanced with elf ears, tinted blue eyes, additional eye
makeup and new lip/nail color. Hair has been restyled.

Costume represents the dress Arwen wore at Aragorn's coronation.
Green was the color chosen by LOTR director Peter Jackson "to represent new beginnings."
To capture the elven ethereal quality, I layered three fabrics in the dress - the middle layer
has silver threads that show thru the top layer to create a slight shimmering effect.
Neckline and sleeve decoration is a white with irredescent & pearl trim -
it has been hand-beaded with pastel yellow beads and sequins.
"Butterfly wing" headress features silver wire and

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