OOAK Cissy created for the
"Sweet Treats" charity auction
to Benefit the Children's National Medical Center of Washington, DC
sponsored by Jones Publishing and The Alexander Doll Company
Dolls were placed on Ebay for auction the week before
the 2005 Doll & Teddy Bear Expo in Washington, DC-August 19-21, 2005
Cissy now resides in a private collection


Costume is made of a beaded green/yellow chiffon skirt with a muted green underskirt - both have a pointed hem edged with glitter edging. Pale green chiffon petticoat has a pastel rainbow colored organza ruffle. The same organza has been used for the sleeves - they are edged with gold glitter and decorated with gold beads. Green silk corset top is edged with glitter, decorated with a gold leaf trim and laces down the back. Jewelry is an antique gold with green crystal beads. Shoes are gold and feature glitter trim and gold lacing. Outfit includes pale nude pantyhose.
Cissy's wig has been re-styled into flowing waves and decorated with pastel flowers.


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