NOTICE! - This page is for ordering DOLL stockings, etc. only. I do not sell fabric -
the fabric swatches shown here are for DOLL special items only. Please see PRICE LIST to view a listing of the dolls I sew for and prices for special order items.


For Special Orders of Doll Socks, Stockings, Tights, & Pantyhose:
***Pantyhose/Tights can be made out of most of the fabrics shown below.

Fabric swatches are shown on a 1/4" grid for scale reference.
All stockings shown on SD (57cm/22-1/2 inch) size doll.

Stretch Lace
Stretch Mesh
Dots & Checks
Bits & Pieces (fabrics for 10" dolls and under only)
Textured Solid Color
Cotton/Lycra Solid Colors
Pantyhose Colors

Note: Special order socks, tights, etc. are available for any
doll listed on my website at no extra charge (same price as "in-stock" items)
There is a 3-7 day wait time for completion of most special orders.


Dusty Rose Puckered Lace

Aqua Floral Lace (large flowers)

Bright Pink Floral Lace

Black Scroll/Floral Lace

Black Oval-Floral Lace

Black Filigree Lace

Purple Floral Lace

Tan Floral Lace

White Lattice Lace

Ecru leaf lace with glitter
(leaves are approximately 1/2" long

White Swirl Lace

White Floral Lace - large flower

Pale Lilac Floral Lace

Lilac Floral Lace

Plum Floral Lace

Black lace - large floral design
(flowers are approximately 1" wide)

Navy lace (small design) with leaf design

Black/red lace - flowers are approx. 3/4" wide


Black Mesh w/large flowers (spaced far apart)

Black Mesh w/medium red dots

Black Mesh w/small red dots

Black Mesh w/large black/pink flowers

Black Mesh w/Bow & Flowers

White Mesh w/large flowers (spaced far apart)

White Mesh w/embroidered flowers

Black Mesh w/embroidered flowers

White mesh with diamond design

Black Mesh with petite flowers

Hot Pink Mesh w/orange dots

STRIPES - some stripes don't appear straight - it is merely because they
became distorted when scanned in.

Hot Pink/Tan Stripe

Grey/Peach/Black stripe

Orange/Turquoise/Pink Floral 1" Stripe - Cotton/Lycra

White with red stripes - red stripes are approx.
1/4" wide and white stripes are 5/8" wide.

Black multi-stripe - Cotton/lycra

1/4" wide Peach/white stripe - Cotton/lycra
5/16" Brown/Navy Stripe - Cotton/lycra
1/8" Lavender/White Stripe - Cotton/lycra

1/8" Pink/Gold Stripe - Cotton/lycra
Grey/Pink Stripe - Cotton/lycra
Wide stripes are approx. 5/16 wide
Wine/Black Stripe - Cotton/lycra

Purple/hot pink/turq/white stripe - Cotton/lycra
Wide stripes are approx. 3/8" wide.

1/8" Black/White Stripes - nylon/lycra

3/16" Black/white stripe - Cotton/lycra

5/16" Black/white strip - cotton/lycra

Rainbow Stripe - Cotton/lycra

Blues/White/Silver stripe - cotton/lycra

Brown/Aqua/Peach stripe - nylon/lycra - matte

Turquoise/Black 1/4" stripe - nylon/lycra - semi-shiny

Hot Pink/Black 1/4" stripe - nylon/lycra - semi-shiny

Red/Black 1/4" stripe - nylon/lycra - semi-shiny

Red/Black/White/Grey Mini Stripe

Red/White mini stripe(stripes less than 1/8" wide)
Nylon/lycra - shiny

Pink/white stripe - approx. 1/4" wide
Note: this is a very bright pink-almost neon.
Nylon/lycra - shiny

1/8" wide Lavender/blue/turquoise/white stripe
Nylon/lycra - shiny

Lavender/purple/hot pink/silver stripe
Approx. a little less than 1/4" wide
Nylon/lycra - matte

Plum/lavender/white stripe - Stripes are approx. 1/8 & 1/4" wide - Nylon/lycra - matte

Brown multi stripe - with tiny gold stripes

1/4" wide Periwinkle/black stripe - Cotton/lycra

Lavender/blue/orange/hot pink stripe -
1/4" wide (with white stripe) - Cotton/lycra

1/8" Navy/white stripe - Cotton/lycra

Blue/white "waves" stripes - approx. 1/4" - Cotton/lycra

Black with red stripe-Cotton/lycra (matte)

Orange/White Stripe - 1/4" - cotton/lycra

Red/White Stripe - 3/16" - cotton/lycra

Dark Red/Oatmeal Stripe
Tights-only MSD size and smaller; all other stockings OK


Gold w/white triple dots

Magenta w/white triple dots

Dark Brown w/white triple dots

Pink w/black mini-dots - cotton/lycra

Black with white dots (dots 1/8") - Nylon/lycra - shiny

White w/black mini-dots - cotton/lycra

Red w/navy dots (dots approx. 1/8") - Cotton/lycra

Navy with white dots (dots +1/8") - Cotton/lycra
Hot pink with black dots (dots approx. 1/4")
Nylon/lycra (thin) - matte

Blue with tiny white dots (dots less than 1/8")
Nylon/lycra - matte
White with tiny hot pink "dots" - Nylon/lycra - shiny
Black with ivory dots (dots approx. 1/4")
Nylon/lycra (thin) - matte

White with black dots (dots less than 1/8") - Cotton/lycra

Hot Pink w/Lime dots - nylon/lycra (matte)

Pastel Pink w/white dots - nylon/lycra (matte)

Black/white houndstooth check (small) - Nylon/lycra

Red (cherry)/White Check - cotton/lycra

Orange/white mini check - Cotton/lycra - matte

Hot Pink/White Gingham - nylon/lycra (matte)

Light Blue/White Gingham - nylon/lycra (matte)


Mod Print - Black/grey/white
Tights-only SD size and smaller; all other stockings OK

Mod Print - Red/Pink/Gold/White
Tights-only SD size and smaller; all other stockings OK

Red/Black Animal Print

Turquoise w/hot pink flowers - cotton/lycra

Black with outline skulls - cotton/lycra - matte

Black/White Hearts & Keys - nylon/lycra (matte)

Black with fuchsia hearts (3/8")
Nylon/lycra - shiny

Pink/Purple floral pique - nylon/lycra - matte

Green/lavender paisley - Cotton/lycra - matte

Black w/hot pink crowns

Denim/hot pink hearts - Cotton/lycra - matte
Off-White with roses - cotton/lycra

Grey/Black leopard (mini) - nylon/lycra - matte

Brown/tan leopard (large) - nylon/lycra - matte

Brown/rose mini animal - nylon/lycra - matte

Pale Pink w/brown hearts/spots
Cotton/lycra - matte

Blue Leopard - Cotton/lycra - matte

Orange/black leopard - Cotton/lycra - matte

Black with rose pink/grey hearts - cotton/lycra - matte

Red/white hearts - hearts are approx. 3/8"
Nylon/lycra - shiny

I only have small pieces of the fabrics shown below -
therefore orders are limited to the following:

Items can be made ONLY for dolls 10" and under
(because fabric pieces are too small for larger sizes)

Pink Mini Rosebuds

Yellow Mini Rosebuds

White Mini Rosebuds

Green with flowers

Tangerine w/circles

Pink w/silver glitter

Bright Pink/Hot Pink dots

Heather Grey/Dark Grey dots

Black/Dark Grey Dots

Light Pink w/butterflies

Red/Hot Pink stripe

Pink w/rose/hot pink stripes

Black/grey/red/silver stripe

Jade/Fuschia/Black stripe

Pink/Rose/White/Blue stripe

5/16" Charcoal/Berry Stripe - Cotton/lycra

Lime Mini Dots - cotton/lycra

Rose Mini Dots - cotton/lycra

Tan Leopard

Pink Leopard

Pink with Silver Skulls & Roses

Black/White Micro-Houndstooth Check

Off-White/pink/lavender stripe

Grey Mini-leopard

Multi-dots on white

Pink/Lavender/off-white stripe

Light Blue/White/Metallic stripe

Pink/White/Metallic stripe

Aqua/Lavender/Off-white stripe

Red/Pink/Off-white stripe

Green/White micro-stripe

"Denim" textured fabric - these are a nylon/lycra fabric with a matte finish.
They are NOT a denim, but the fabric is woven in such a way that
it looks like denim (jeans) - with a wonderful 4-way stretch that
works great for tights, stockings, etc.

"Denim" Black

"Denim" Blue

"Denim" Purple

"Denim" Red

Black "Flannel" - this was a "mistake" fabric. I ordered a regular black cotton/lycra fabric and this was sent. It has a fuzzy texture like a flannel or a very thin fleece-and has wonderful 4-way stretch. It would make great heavier (almost knitted like) looking stockings, leggings, etc.

SLATE - matte nylon lycra

This is a very dark grey nylon lycra with a matte finish


A little darker than
ecru with same
yellow/gold tone

Pale Pink


















Pantyhose are made of 80% nylon/20% lycra semi-sheer fabric
All dark colored fabric was washed before pantyhose were constructed.
***NOTE: Nude color varies and depends on the fabric I currently have in stock.

Pantyhose shown above are on an Elfdoll 57cm doll. Hose features contured fit around ankle and seam down the back of the leg.

Choose either
matte or shiny

Pale Grey



Pale Lilac


Hot Pink

Light Pink


Dark Green


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